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You’ve come to where you’ll find the very best in  Auto, Home Insurance, Business and Life Insurance online. We’re also among leading insurance companies here in Greensboro, North Carolina and surrounding areas.

As independent insurance agents, the Tom Needham Insurance Agency has the ability to provide you with the best coverage out there and at the lowest rates possible. We’re not beholden to any single insurance provider but maintain Premier or Platinum Status with top-rated companies out there, such as:

  • Travelers
  • MetLife Home and Auto
  • Progressive
  • Safeco
  • State Auto
  • National General
  • Dairyland and many others

Tom Needham Insurance Agency Coverage Offered

When you talk to a licensed, independent agent at Tom Needham Insurance Agency, you can be assured of one thing – you’ll receive a level of service that customers of other agencies can only hope for! We treat every one of our clients as though they are our only client, making their 100% satisfaction job number one. Our team of independent insurance agents will work hard to satisfy every one of your particular insurance needs, including:

  • Home Insurance Coverage
    don’t spend your valuable time searching for the best homeowners insurance coverage when you can have our independent insurance agents do the work for you and pass along multiple quotes from the most preferred insurance providers in the industry. Whether you’re buying a home or currently have coverage and are wondering what else is available at a better rate, let us show you a selection of the best coverage out there at the most competitive prices in the marketplace. We also handle renters insurance as well as comprehensive umbrella coverage, which may be worth considering.
  • Vehicle Insurance Coverage
    With so many car insurance companies out there, shopping to find the best coverage at the most reasonable price can be tedious, time consuming and confusing. We can take over this tedious task for you and present you with a complete car insurance comparison from top-rated companies, each of which have no less than an “A” rating. All the various options available in today’s vehicle insurance policies can make choosing the perfect policy for filling your family’s specific needs confusing. Our local team of agents consists of car insurance experts and our commitment to excellence in customer service means that we’ll provide the information needed to help you understand each and every option that applies. In addition to car and truck insurance, we also handle coverage for motorcycles, RVs, water craft, ATVs and even golf carts!
  • Business Insurance Coverage
    As one of the top commercial insurance agencies in NC, the independent, licensed agents at Tom Needham Insurance Agency possess years of industry experience and can provide you with a business insurance package tailored precisely for your exact business needs. Whether you’re a small, medium or large-scale operation, we have the commercial insurance products to protect you from liability and all types of loss or damage. Our satisfied clients here in Greensboro and surrounding areas include businesses involved in retail sales, the trades and those in the service industry. Whatever your particular business happens to be, we can provide you with a selection of competitively-priced policies from the top-name companies in the industry and assist you in understanding your various risks, coverage options and policy terms.
  • Life Insurance Coverage
    not only do we offer the best policies from the industry’s leading providers of the various types of whole life and term life insurance products, but we’ll take the time to educate you about the differences and help you to decide what type of coverage best suits your current needs and long-term goals. We’ll provide you with multiple quotes from the nation’s top-rated companies to ensure that you’re able to obtain the best coverage from the best products at the best rates available.

Advantages to Partnering with Tom Needham Insurance Agency

There are plenty of places where you can find home and auto insurance quotes online and no shortage of agents out there willing to sell you life insurance or business coverage. The fact is, this is a competitive business and the agencies that succeed are the ones that know how to service their clients with excellence and deliver the highest-quality coverage from only top-rated companies, providing multiple quotes in a completely unbiased fashion. That’s us! We’re expert independent agents whose only goal is to offer what’s best for you and your family to fulfill your every insurance need.

We’ll also provide the education you need to better understand your insurance needs and the options you have available to fill those needs. We’ll offer the best coverage at the best rates from the best insurance providers we can in an effort to do what’s necessary to earn your trust and your business. We’re not satisfied until you’re satisfied. One hundred percent!

Call us now at 336-855-1223 or contact us for an insurance quote online and one of our agents will be in touch with you shortly.  

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