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Commercial Auto Insurance

Get the Best Commercial Auto Insurance Rates and Coverage in the Industry

Whether your company owns 1 or 50 vehicles, you cannot operate them without suitable commercial auto insurance. In the state of North Carolina, commercial auto insurance is dependent on quite a few factors, including the size and cost of running your fleet and the quality of drivers you employ. For example, hiring a driver who has obtained a CDL (commercial driver’s license) is more likely to be a safe, reliable driver. This can impact your premiums and allow you to choose a higher deductible. Your commercial car insurance in North Carolina may provide collision coverage, comprehensive physical damage, medical payments, and other coverage depending on the nature of your business and the type of driving your commercial fleet undertakes.

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  • Our team of professionals and vast network allows us to stay ahead of the curve in a dynamic, growing industry. If there are changes in the commercial auto insurance landscape that you should be aware of, you’ll hear from us first!
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