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Surety bonds

Get the Best Surety Bond Pricing and Protection

If you or your business need a Surety Bond, call on us. We have access to a variety of carriers and can provide you and/or your business with a solution for any bond you need. Below, you will see a list of some of the surety bonds we offer. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please call us and we’ll try to help you find it.

  • State and Government Bonds
    • Mortgage Broker bonds
    • License Permit Surety bonds
    • Insurance Agent bonds
    • Auto Dealer bonds
    • Surplus Lines Agent bonds
    • Defective Title bonds
  • Fidelity Surety Bonds
    • ERISA bonds
    • Janitorial bonds
    • Employee Dishonesty bonds
  • Fiduciary Surety Bonds
    • Trustee Bonds
    • Administrator Bonds
    • Executor Bonds
    • Guardian Bonds
    • Veteran Affairs Bonds
  • Public Official Surety Bonds
    • County Clerk Bonds
    • Notary Bonds
    • ETax Collector Bonds
    • Treasurer Bonds
  • Bid bonds
  • Performance bonds
  • Payment bonds

Why Consult Tom Needham Insurance Agency for Your Surety Bond?

  • Most surety bond carriers are subsidiaries of larger insurance companies and we use our experience to help you navigate through and select the right surety carrier and help you through the application and approval process.
  • At Tom Needham Insurance Agency, we believe in educating our clients about their options, coverage, process and pricing so that they know exactly what they are paying for and how their services and their clients are protected.
  • For 18 years, we have specialized in promptly serving the needs of those seeking surety bonds in Greensboro and the surrounding areas.

Let the team at Tom Needham Insurance Agency help you choose the right Surety Bond coverage customized for you and your specific need. Call us now at 336-855-1223 or request Surety Bond info or an application online.